Student Workers & NANCE

Welcome Student Workers & Non-Academic and Non-Classified Employees (NANCE)

Employees in these positions may not work more than a total of 25 hours per week AND no more than 8 hours per day.

International students hired in these categories may not work more than a total of 20 hours per week.

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All Student Workers and NANCE should complete their New Hire paperwork online prior to their start date. Student Workers and NANCE should not begin work until this is complete and submitted online.

Once Human Resources has received and processed your Hire form, below are the next steps:

  1. The employee receives a welcome email with the following information:
    1. Network login credentials, including your username and password, to access Workday Onboarding to complete your new hire paperwork.
    2. Instructions to login to Workday Onboarding from off-campus
  2. The employee needs to submit I-9 verification documents in person at the District Human Resources. This step needs to be completed before an employee can begin working. Please read the section on I-9 Verification below.

Note: The welcome email is sent to the email address that was provided to your department at the time of your hire. If you have not received an email, please contact your department contact to confirm when your Hire was processed. 

All new Student Worker/NANCE employees must provide physical documentation for I-9 verification. 

  • Beginning of each semester - Dedicated lab hours will be scheduled at each campus for students to walk in and complete their New Hire forms online including bringing in their I-9 verification documents. 
  • During the semester - All Student Workers/NANCE will need to provide I-9 documents at the District Human Resources office. Office hours for student workers to walk in can be found on the District Hiring Process page

Approval to Begin Work – New Hires Only

When employees bring in their I-9 verification documentation, a HR Tech representative will review and provide a stamped clearance form to the employee to bring back to the department.

It is the responsibility of the employee to provide this form to the departments. The worker cannot begin work until they have provided this clearance form.

Please refer to the onboarding instructions emailed to you for directions on how to present your Form I-9 supporting documents to Human Resources.


District Human Resources
8800 Grossmont College Dr., Bldg 38J
El Cajon, CA 92020

1. How long is the hiring process?
The length of the hiring process depends on how long each department takes to obtain the required signatures/approvals. You can help speed up the hiring process by completing the Personnel Action form (PAF) electronically and complete all required fields to avoid delays. An incorrect email address or phone number will greatly impact and delay the hiring process, as this information is used to setup the onboarding process and send out instructions on how to complete the onboarding process.

2. When can I begin working?
You may begin working after you have presented your I-9 work authorization documents and have received a yellow Work Clearance form from Human Resources (HR).

3. When and where do I present my I-9 work authorization documents?
Documents must be presented to a Human Resources staff. The HR office is located on the Grossmont College Campus, Parking lot 4D, Building 38J. Please refer to the onboarding instructions emailed to you for directions on how to present your Form I-9 supporting documents to Human Resources

4. I don’t have my original I-9 work authorization documents, can I bring in a photo copy?
No, only original documents can be accepted.

5. My passport/ID card/Driver’s License is expired. Will HR accept expired identification cards?
No, expired identification cards are not considered valid work authorization documents. For a list of acceptable I-9 work authorization documents, click on the link below.

I-9 work authorization documents

6. Why is my hire date different than the hire date on the Personnel Action Form (PAF)?
The PAF must be routed for signatures/approvals and it may not reach the HR office by the proposed hire date listed on the PAF. If the proposed hire date on the PAF has passed by the time HR processes the form, the hire date will be extended to allow new hires to complete their onboarding and present their I-9 work authorization documents to HR.

7. I recently transferred from the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD) to another college but will continue working at GCCCD, do I still need to complete a TB Assessment and complete LiveScan Fingerprinting?
Yes, you must complete the two pre-employment requirements. Only currently enrolled GCCCD students are exempt from the pre-employment requirements.

8. I am currently enrolled as a student at GCCCD. Why am I being prompted to complete a TB Assessment and LiveScan Fingerprinting?
All employees automatically receive an onboarding task to complete a TB Assessment and LiveScan Fingerprinting, however students are not required to complete this step as stated in the directions for Onboarding task: Pre-Employment Screening Forms. Select “I agree” and press “Submit” to clear this task from your Onboarding process.