Throughout the year we host various workshops that meet special needs for the District. Below is a summary of each.  Please log into the Vision Resource Center to view the dates and times of upcoming sessions.

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Hiring Innovative Recruits Effectively

Training is required for any person serving on a screening committee or involved in election process

  • Training should be completed before initial meeting with screening committee
  • Training is required by the Districts EEO plan and the law (California Code of regulations, Division 67 and Title 5)

Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Identify and eliminate bias in the hiring process
  • Understand and apply best practices in serving on a screening committee
  • Understand the primary State and Federal nondiscrimination laws and how they impact the hiring process

Training is required to be retaken every 2 years for updates on policies and procedures. 

Please log into the Vision Resource Center to view the dates and times of upcoming sessions.

H.I.R.E Training Registration

To register for H.I.R.E training, visit the Vision Resource Center

1.  Login to your account using your GCCCD credentials ( and password).  You’ll be routed to the VRC’s home page.
2.  At the top of the page, locate and click on the Browse for Training button.  Type HIRE Training into the search box, at which time the training will appear. 
3.  Click on the training, and a list of training dates will populate. 
4.  Once you’ve identified the training date that best meets your schedule, click on that date and register.

The Workday Training Team is here to support all GCCCD staff in learning and utilizing Workday, GCCCD’s new system of record for all financial, human resource, and payroll transactions. The team is made up of trainers and content experts from various departments at District Services. Workday Training is provided through ongoing Workday Training Sessions.

Don't see a training for something you're working on?  Be sure to visit our Training Resources for manuals, videos, and more.  We have developed a number of self-help tools for users to access as the need arises

If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding training, please do not hesitate to contact:

It is important to gain approval from your supervisor or manager prior to registering or scheduling a training session to ensure coverage of your department.

To register for GCCCD Workday Training, visit the Vision Resource Center.

  1. Login to your account using your GCCCD credentials ( and password).  You’ll be routed to the VRC’s home page.
  2. At the top of the page, locate and click on the Browse for Training Type GCCCD Workday Training into the search box, at which time the training will appear.
  3. Click on the training, and a list of training dates will populate for Purchasing Requisitions and Expense and Budget reports.
  4. Once you’ve identified the training date that best meets your schedule, click on that date and register.

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  • Workday Module: Finance
  • Department Function: Business Office/Accounting
  • Recommend Staff to Attend: Admin & Executive Assistants, Faculty, Classified Staff, and Administrators who travel off campus

The session will cover:

  • How to complete and manage expense report reimbursements in Workday including: Non-Travel/Supplies, Meetings & Refreshments, Mileage, and Travel Expenses
  • Brief introductions and overview for viewing budgets
  • How to run Workday reports including: available balance by four digit and multi-smartkey, zip reports, transaction details, and trust
  • Cash handling procedures when collecting and handling funds for District purposes

Introduction to completing and managing Purchase Requisitions in Workday for all types of requisitions and assets including: Regular Requisition (Goods), Service Requisition, Blanket Purchase Requisitions, and Change Order Requisitions.

  • Workday Module: Finance
  • Department Function: Business Office/Purchasing
  • Recommend Staff to Attend: Admin & Executive Assistants, Managers & Supervisors and their support staff, Lab Techs

Should you need additional help, please contact the appropriate parties below. 

Department Support Areas Extension
Human Resources Contacts and Services x7572
Payroll Time Reporting
Time Approving
Absence Requests
Purchasing Contracts
Other Purchases
Accounting Reimbursement Requests - 
Help Desk Workday Technical issues
or questions




District Support



Human Resources Technician

Blanca Cummings

Academic Senate






Grossmont College

Pearl Lopez

Cuyamaca College

Manuel Mancillas-Gomez

Payroll Contact




District (HR)-Payroll

Lana Arabu, Payroll Director

District (HR)-Payroll

Avan Zaitona, Payroll Technician (Adjunct)

District (HR)-Payroll

Connie Rodriguez, Payroll Technician (Full-time Faculty)

District (HR)-Payroll

Lupe Padilla, Payroll Technician (Hourly & Classified)

Campus Specific PD Contacts




Cuyamaca College



Grossmont College



American Federation for Teachers (AFT) Union

Membership VP, AFT Office

Tina Solórzano

AFT Rep & Sociology Assoc. Prof.

Gregg J. Robinson



Faculty Union Contract

Salary Link

Adjunct Benefits

Pension Plans (3)

Pension Plans



California State Teachers’ Retirement System



California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS or PERS)


Alternative Benefits Plan 3121

Alternative Benefits Plan 3121 Information


Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Policy and Procedure






Login URL (on campus)

Login URL (on/off campus)


Help Desk


Faculty Help Desk




Grossmont College

Password Resetting


Cuyamaca College

Password Resetting


Self Service (Admissions & Records)

Grossmont College

(619) 644-7186

Cuyamaca College

(619) 660-4275





Parking On Campus

Grossmont College

Pick up parking permit at CAPS Building 57-100

Cuyamaca College

Pick up parking permit in Building A-100

Once you have been assigned an Employee ID Number, please visit Human Resources in Building 38-J to obtain an ID Card. Walk-Ins are welcome between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.


  • Immediately dispose of all student data, per FERPA Law
  • Ask your Dean where to find secured recycle bins in your department
  • Update emergency contacts and important information in Workday
  • Bring Hire letter or Employee ID number to CAPS to receive your parking pass

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD) is committed to providing outstanding, diverse learning opportunities that prepare students to meet community needs, become critical thinkers, and develop into thoughtful citizens for their local and global communities. To support this work, the Professional Development Taskforce recommends offering the same learning opportunities to all employees of GCCCD through comprehensive development programs for all employee groups built on a foundation of organizational values, equity-mindedness, and student success. The following program supports new hires through a GCCCD orientation and ongoing learning opportunities to integrate them into GCCCD’s culture and support them in committing to GCCCD’s strategic goals.

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The following project proposal outlines the New Employee First Year Experience Program (New Employee FYE). This program is designed to achieve alignment, (defined for the purpose of this proposal as a position of support and agreement) and clarity for all new employees on the work that all GCCCD employees contribute to in support of student success and learning. Participants will also receive guidance on the fundamentals of being a GCCCD employee. Additional benefits of this program include an increase in employee retention for all employee groups, long-term job satisfaction, and increased overall organizational health.  

The New Employee FYE consists of two components:

  1. Half-Day Orientation Session: All new employees would attend the Half-Day Orientation Session within 30 days of hire.
  2. Roundtable Sessions: All new employees would be invited to participate in eight (8), 90-minute Roundtable sessions will be offered ten (10) months per year.  

This program was implemented in a multi-phased approach and started in late August 2018. Participation in this program requires full support from all managers and supervisors through GCCCD’s commitment to cultivating a culture of excellence, trust, stewardship, and service.  The program requires a minimal time commitment of four (4) hours from new employees to participate in the half-day orientation session hosted at the District Office. Participants would then be invited and encouraged to attend monthly, 90-minute Roundtable Sessions that their managers and them feel are relevant to their position and suit their work schedule commitments.

The New Employee FYE program is not designed to be a site-specific orientation, a job specific orientation/training, or an exercise in paperwork. The Human Resources Department will partner with individual sites and provide support materials to managers and supervisors to continue the work of effectively and appropriately onboarding new employees and setting them up for success in their positions. Additional compliance and technology/software trainings will offered monthly and made accessible to new employees as a compliment to this program.   

The program has a minimal annual cost and evaluations will be conducted regularly to assess the benefit of the investment of time and money to implement and sustain this program. 

The New Employee First Year Experience Program is designed to support all new GCCCD employees in understanding GCCCD values, committing to the GCCCD student experience, and empowering them to grow as a professional.

To ensure an effective implementation of this initial program the following commitments are requested:

  • All managers and supervisors must be committed to making this program a priority for their new employees to ensure participation and attendance.
  • Participants need to have a stake in program goals and outcomes.
  • Participants need to bring their unique views and perspectives into the program to promote equity and inclusion.
  • Regular communication to all employees of the purpose and shared focus of the program.

The program aims to:

  • Promote student equity and inclusion and the strategic goals of GCCCD
  • Provide new employees with concise and accurate information to make them more comfortable and prepared for their job
  • Promote a consistent introduction to the GCCCD work experience to allow all employees a fair and equitable start to their job
  • Encourage employee confidence and help the new employee adapt faster to the job
  • Improve employee retention and job satisfaction
  • Promote communication between the supervisor and the new employees
  • Build strong relationships between employees to enhance the impact the GCCCD community has on its employees and its students
  1. Valued Students & Employees: Understanding the Keystones of GCCCD
  2. Learning & Student Success: Creating Pathways for Our Students 
  3. The Power of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Nurturing Our Campus Community 
  4. GCCCD Engagement: Creating a Culture of Excellence 
  5. The Building Blocks for Connection 
  6. The Foundation of Trust 
  7. Strategy Planning: Creating Direct Expectations 
  8. Service Hero: Becoming a Steward of GCCCD 
  9. Focused Strategies for Employee Success
  10. Innovating for the Future: Creative Problem Solving at GCCCD 

Please log into the 
Vision Resource Center to view the dates and times of upcoming sessions.